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5 Types of Travel Bags

Types of Luggage
  1. Duffle Bags
  2. Backpacks
  3. Weekenders
  4. Trolley Luggage Bags
  5. Travel Totes

Are you embarking on a trip in the near future?

If so, choosing the right travel bag can make or break your trip. Simply going with an old travel bag which you have is not a good idea. Choosing one according to the time duration and the stuff you want to carry is the best way to go. You can only make that decision when you are aware of the different types of travel bags available.

The list below will highlight the five most common types of travel bags. The distinctions among these travel bags are starkly visible. Going through this list will make it easy for you to choose the right travel bag.

1. Duffle Bags

Embarking on a short trip?

If yes, duffel bags are perfect for you. These are cylindrical bags to carry over the shoulder or in hand with the help of straps. You might have used them previously to carry your stuff when going to the gym or when practicing sports. However, the applications of duffel bags vary.

Duffel bags are suitable for overnight trips. The numerous pockets in the duffel bag allow you to organize everything efficiently. Another advantage of a duffel bag is its ability to distribute the weight and content, which makes it convenient to carry.

A unique feature of duffel bags is its compatibility with airplane carry-on luggage guidelines. Consequently, you can take them with you wherever you go.

The multipurpose design and ease of carrying make duffel bags the ideal choice for shorter trips.

2. Backpacks

Many travelers prefer hands-free experience while traveling. If you belong to that group, a backpack will serve you well. The backpack is basically a shoulder bag to carry on your back. No more blisters on your palms!

Backpacks are categorized into various groups like:

· Daypacks:

These backpacks are small in capacity. They are suitable only for a one-day trip. The capacity of such daypacks is between 10L and 20L.

· Overnight backpacks:

These backpacks are suitable for a 1 or 2-day trip. Such backpacks come with a capacity between 20 to 30 L.

· Hiking backpacks:

Want to carry a lot of gear on your hiking trip?

The large gear carrying capacity of these backpacks makes them suitable for such trips. Their capacity is over 35L. The design of hiking backpacks is such that they can carry a lot of gear. There are often external fixtures like hooks and webbings to attach accessories. Many of them come with a hydration bladder to help you carry portable drinking water. While they are called hiking backpacks, they are suitable for numerous types of trips.

· Travel backpacks:

Travel backpacks are perfect for longer trips. The USP of these backpacks is that you can access your stuff like a suitcase. Additionally, many such backpacks offer a top-loading mechanism. The multiple access mechanisms add to the convenience.

The numerous compartments allow you to organize everything. Do not be surprised if they come with a lot of external compartments as well. The aim is to help you pack better for a long trip. The capacity is greater than 30L.

Another categorization of travel backpacks depends on the material in use. You can go with leather backpacks, polyester backpacks, nylon backpacks, and so on.

The categorization is also dependent on the capacity of the backpacks. You can find backpacks ranging from 30L in capacity up to 80L. The options are numerous.

The versatility of backpacks ensures that you can carry almost everything in them. Some examples are:

  • · Clothes
  • · Laptop
  • · Climbing/hiking gear
  • · Footwear
  • · Food packets
  • · Hydration sleeve
  • · Gadgets
  • · Personal hygiene items and so on

Virtually, these backpacks have no limitations. The design is such that these are as versatile as a travel bag can get.

The versatility and convenience of having hands-free experience are what have made these backpacks so popular.

3. Weekenders

Do you prefer something smaller than a duffel bag?

If yes, you need to think about a weekender bag. Weekender is another horizontal bag that you can carry with the help of straps or handles. The weekender aims to help you with an overnight trip. The design facilitates carrying personal hygiene items, clothing, and essentials. If you’re looking to carry laptops or other gadgets, that is not what a weekender is for.

The usual capacity of a weekender can range from 10 L to 20 L.

A weekender is known for a single zippered compartment. Inside, however, it might consist of dividers. A weekender usually consists of a fabric or nylon material. Recently, leather weekenders have also become quite famous. The advantage of leather weekenders is that they are much more sturdy and similar to a duffel bag.

Weekenders are best suited for short impromptu trips. You can just add necessary stuff in a weekender and head out.

Weekenders can provide you with the maximum number of aesthetic options. You get to choose between form factor, colors, as well as fabrics.

The compact and easy to use design of a weekender makes it a perfect choice for spontaneous trips.

4. Trolley Luggage Bags

No discussion about travel bags is complete without the humble trolley luggage bag. The storage capacity offered by the trolley bag can far surpass all other options.

All trolley luggage bags come with wheels at the bottom, so you can easily roll them on the ground. No need to lift them and carry them around.

Also called luggage strollers, such bags have been around since the 1970s. Depending on the exact size you choose, they can meet the airplane carry-on guidelines. In case you’re looking for a larger one, you would have to opt for checking them in.

The capacity of a trolley luggage bag can vary from 30L up to 80L or more. With the help of 1 large compartment and multiple smaller external compartments, keeping things organized is not a problem.

The primary classification of trolley luggage bags is dependent on the wheels on offer.

· 2 wheeled:

As the name itself suggests, these bags consist of 2 wheels. You can move them in a single line. The wheels cannot move 360°. In place of the other two wheels, there are usually studs that work as a stand.

· 4 wheeled:

Do you prefer trolleys that can move 360°?

If yes, four-wheeled trolley luggage bags offer that convenience. These are also known as Spinners, as the wheels can move in any direction.

Other than the movement distinction, both of these have the same capacity and features.

A unique feature that makes travel bags more secure and convenient is the combination lock. While not every travel luggage back consists of combination locks but plenty of them do. Securing the contents becomes easy when using these combination locks.

If you simply want to go with the biggest travel bag available out there, choose a trolley luggage bag.

5. Travel Totes

Many travelers just need an additional bag that they can carry with themselves. While the majority of their stuff is stored in a trolley bag, a travel tote can serve that extra need.

A travel tote can carry essentials like cosmetics, smartphones, a notebook, or 2. It can also store travel documents like passports, tickets, and so on.

Apart from that, it does not have much storage space. A travel tote can keep certain things handy. Needless to say, the compact form factor helps it meet the carry on guidelines. While going on a long trip, you can keep it with you at all times.

The travel tote gets its name from the tote handbag. The tote handbag and the travel tote are similar in form factor. You can also choose travel totes in various aesthetic options.

The fabric can vary from one tote to another. It can consist of leather, polyester, nylon, and so on. It can have a Velcro based closure mechanism or a zipper.

With numerous options available, finding a suitable travel tote is not hard.

With a capacity of under 10L, it is just for keeping a few things at hand. Despite the small capacity, most travel totes consist of inner dividers. The dividers can help you keep everything organized. You can keep the gadgets away from sharp objects. Similarly, you can keep the documents completely safe in a pocket.

There is no dearth of travel totes that come with their interior organizers. The organizers increase the functionality even more.

A travel tote fulfils the need for an additional travel bag. The compact form factor helps you in carrying it around easily. Considering these factors, it is the perfect extra travel bag.


Choosing the right travel bag doesn’t need to be confusing. Using the guide above, now you know the distinctions between them. You can keep in mind the exact purpose for which you are buying one and choose accordingly. With so many different options available for your next trip, you can choose one according to your need. It is time to make your trip more fun and convenient using these travel bags rather than always struggling with your luggage.