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Interview Outfits for Women

Interview Outfits for Women
  1. Different Dress-Codes for Different Companies
  2. Outfits for an Internship
  3. Outfits for an Informal Interview
  4. Outfits for a Semi-Formal Interview
  5. Outfits for a Formal Interview
  6. Outfits for a Skype Interview
  7. Outfits for Jobs in Fashion/Retail
  8. Additional Tips
  9. Conclusion

One of the most important things when going to a job interview is creating a great first impression. The first impression is all about how you look in the interviewer’s eyes. Regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, looking presentable and professional is highly important. In this article, we will look at the different outfit options available out there to make you look prepared.

Different Dress-Codes for Different Companies

Every company promotes a culture that portrays the essence of their work. This is an important factor that you must consider before deciding on what to wear. Some companies have a formal environment while others are more casual. Your attire must adapt depending on that, you want to look like you blend in from the start. Agencies and start-ups promote a casual and relaxed corporate culture. When going for a job interview at an agency, you can choose to dress semi-formally. Opt for chinos with a neutral-colored blouse. Additionally, adding a blazer will speak volumes about your seriousness for the job.

On the other hand, if you are going for a job interview at a law firm or a finance corporation, dressing formally is the only option. We will look at the options in detail so you can dress up with confidence to get that dream job.

Outfits for an Internship

Outfits for an Internship

An internship is an important start to your career. The right environment can give you the perfect push towards a great future. Since this is the first time you will be dressing for a job interview, wearing something a bit more formal is the way to go. A white blouse or top paired with black pants or a black skirt is playing safe.

Pair your outfit with formal shoes. Opt for heels to show authority and confidence (even if you may not feel it yet). Wear your hair in a high ponytail or a bun to look like you mean business. If your hair falls on your face, it can put the interviewer off completely. Minimal jewelry is necessary and wear nothing that jingles when you walk. The only sound that comes from you should be the professional click of the heels.

Your bag also speaks a lot about your personality. Carry a bag that is neutral in color with minimum accessories adoring it. The size of the bag does not matter, as long as it does not attract unwanted attention. Always place your bag on your side, don’t hold it in your lap, like you’re ready to run at the first sign of trouble and don’t put it between you and your interviewer (on the floor next to your chair or hanging it at the back of your chair will do).

Outfits for an Informal Interview

Outfits for an Informal Interview

Companies that are start-ups or agencies usually host informal interviews. In that environment, the interviewer will look at how well you fit on the team. Wearing a formal suit can look excessive, so a casual outfit is the way to go here. Nevertheless, your outfit still needs to look polished and neat.

You cannot go to an informal interview in your loungewear or gym clothes. Wearing a t-shirt with jeans could make the cut in some situations. But, to be on the sure side, you can pair a blouse with chino pants or a pencil skirt to create the perfect casual-office look. You can play around with your blouse by choosing a more vivid color. Wrap-around tops in light colors are trending. Another option is a plain blouse with a statement collar.

Outfits for a Semi-Formal Interview

Outfits for a Semi-Formal Interview

Avoid wearing a dress to a business interview. In a business-casual setting, wearing tailored pants with tailored shirts is highly recommended. You should look basic and conservative without wearing anything black. If you wear blue or dark grey, you will appear approachable and easy to communicate with, which will impress the interviewer.

However, if you really want to wear a dress, make sure it is a statement dress suitable for office wear. Pastel colors are perfect for the occasion. Otherwise, a navy colored dress will work as well. The same goes for the grey color since it looks highly professional. Pair it with a black blazer to create the perfect business attire. Such an outfit will create the impression you are looking to make.

Outfits for a Formal Interview

Outfits for a Formal Interview

The best outfit for a formal interview is the pantsuit. Numerous options are available, so choose one that you are comfortable in. Wear a pantsuit in the traditional checks or lines and the colors should be black, white, or grey. If you want to add a color to your look, wear a slightly brighter shirt otherwise a white shirt is a safe bet.

Your shirt should be a high neck to give you a powerful look. Pair your pantsuit with high heels to complete the business attire. Remember, this look is the best office wear that will leave you looking highly professional and create the right impression on the mind of the interviewer.

Outfits for a Skype Interview

Outfits for a Skype Interview

If you have an interview on Skype, do not think that dressing up is out of the question. People usually look formal from the waist up because that is what the interviewer can see. However, if the interviewer gets a glimpse of your sweatpants, you may as well bid farewell to the job. In a Skype interview, you have to be mindful of what the other party sees on the screen. Wearing large jewelry can be highly distracting so avoid that. Also wearing low necklines is out of the question. Wear light-colored shirts preferably light blue, white, or navy. Not anything bright, like red and orange, as such colors may appear “flashy” on some cameras.

Outfits for Jobs in Fashion/Retail

This a category that has its exceptions. Although you can choose to play it safe by wearing a formal outfit to an interview in fashion, you have options here. When interviewing with a designer, you can play around with your own style. In the fashion industry, your own personal style can give you the job immediately.

Do your research and see who is taking your interview. If the person is a fashion designer himself or herself, it is the perfect opportunity to show off your fashion sense. Wear something that shows off your personality by playing with colors, patterns, prints, and cuts. This can add up to the way you present yourself.

Nevertheless, what every interviewer looks at is confidence. Wearing anything that distracts you or the interviewer will make you lose your competitive edge. Wear your style, but do not overdo it.

Additional Tips

Interviews in the Summer

Interviews in the Summer

Dressing up for an interview in the summer can be quite a challenge. Formal suits are usually ideal when on a cold weather. However, there are great options available for hotter environments that make you look professional and sweat-free. To start with, always pick tops and pants made from light fabric so you do not overheat, but make sure they are not see-through.

Pick light colors so you look cool and welcoming in the summer heat. Wearing a dress or a skirt is a great option for the warm weather. This will give you a sophisticated look in addition to being formal. You can choose a sleeveless top or dress but make sure you do not show off too much skin. That can put the interviewer off and will not create the right impression.

Wearing Jeans or a Dress to an Interview

Jeans usually make you look underdressed so it is best not to wear it to an interview. However, if you are sure that the company environment is casual (usually the case with start-ups), opt for dark-colored jeans without any rips or statements on it. Make sure you pair the look with a formal blouse, a blazer and heels.

When opting for a dress for a job interview, it has to be appropriate for the office environment. A tailored dress is preferred, which finishes off at the knee. A short dress will look highly inappropriate. Pair the dress with a blazer and heels to create the perfect sophisticated look. Go for neutral colors or at least not extremely bright (reserve those for special occasions after you get the job).

The Colors

Business Casual Women Blouse

Colors define your personality and play an integral part in your life. Wearing colorful clothes is nothing bad, but when going to a job interview it is better to avoid them. The best way to create a professional impression is wearing neutral colors to a job interview. This goes for both men and women. Women tend to have a brighter and more vibrant wardrobe, but wearing clothes with screaming colors is a big no for an interview.

If you lack neutral-colored tops and blouses, wearing a bright colored top with a neutral color blazer is a good option. Try to be subtle about it. Wearing a bright red or a green blouse can be balanced off with a neutral colored suit. This will make you look professional in a formal environment. It also shows a bit of your personality and creates a good first impression.

Wearing black, navy, and beige colored suits are highly recommended. You can mix around the options and play with different types of tops and blouses. You can also pull off a casual shirt with a suit to create a casual formal look for different occasions. Remember, the key to making everything impeccable is your confidence. Wear everything with confidence so you are able to create the perfect impression.

How to Wear your Hair

An important part of your entire look is your hair. In order to create a sophisticated, professional, and neat look, wear your hair in a simple way. A high ponytail or a bun adds the perfect touch of professionalism to your look. If you wear your hair loose, make sure it does not fall over your face. That gives the impression of lack of confidence. You need to make sure that the interviewer pays attention to your answers and not your locks.

Be Ready

Before you decide on what to wear, make sure that you look into the culture of the company. If the company promotes informal wear, don’t overthink it too much. If the company is a formal one, choose an option that speaks volumes about professionalism. Another thing to consider is to avoid wearing patterns. Patterns can be very distracting in a formal setting. The same goes for shirts and dresses that have something written on them. A statement or a sentence can immediately divert the attention from your face.

Also, a pleasant smell is as important as a good look. First impressions are often destroyed if you look great, but smell bad. Some people sweat more than others do, and during an interview, you can get nervous. Being nervous also leads to excessive perspiration. Make sure that you are wearing deodorant and a pleasant perfume. The fragrance should be mild but distinctive; it should announce your arrival to the room, but in a subtle way.

Confidence is the Key to Success

Confidence is the Key to Success

The interviewer will, at first, look at your personality and how well you fit in the work environment. This can also include an analysis of whether you are a leader or a follower, a team player, or a loner. Being dependable is an important trait that they look for in any individual. Your competitiveness based on your knowledge about the job role will be analyzed. This will include him or her examining your educational background and other job-related experiences.

Dressing up for a job interview is one thing, getting that job is another story. While you are ensuring your look is appropriate, you need your confidence as well. Don’t get blindsided during the interview. Talk to friends and family about similar interviews that they must have sat through. This will give you insights into what questions to expect. While it is true that dressing up well gives you the confidence you need on the outside, the challenge lies on the inside. Confidence also comes from being prepared, knowing your stuff, so make sure you’re a good fit for the company and your technical knowledge is on point.